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1925 is a very important year for Colorado Mesa University; the year of our founding.

The signficant role endowments play in supporting students cannot be overstated. The 1925 Society celebrates those who with foresight and generosity establish endowed funds of $25,000 or greater. Endowed funds provide permanent, self-perpetuating scholarship and improved educational opportunities. These wisely invested funds generate earnings supporting the founding donor's area of passion for generations of students to come.

Endowments over $500,000

Beckley/Weaver Scholarship
Established 1997
Brownson MSI Endowment
Established 2020
Bus Bergman Baseball Scholarship
Established 2004
Campbell Rogers General Scholarship
Established 2012
Carolyn D. Love Scholarship Fund
Established 2014
CMUF Petty Creek Farm Fund
Established 2010
Davis My Future Pathways Fund - Endowment
Established 2020
Dean-Roush Scholarship
Established 2014
Doyle E. Burns Scholarship
Established 2012
Forrest Nelson Endowed Geology Fund
Established 2018
Meyer Family Endowment
Established 2013
Opal Snowder (Suzi) Boyd Memorial Fund
Established 1984

Endowments over $250,000


Albert J. and Marion T. Merlino Scholarship
Established 2017
Bill and Peggy Foster Endowed Scholarship Fund
Established 2006
Bruce and Louise Dixson Scholarship
Established 1985
Cycling Team Endowment
Established 2016
Dieter Sander Engineering Endowed Scholarship
Established 2011
Dixson B.A.S. in Business Administration Endowed Scholarship
Established 2000
Emerson Family Nursing Scholarship Fund
Established 2008
Football Alumni Endowment
Established 2014
Gean F. Lipson Trust Endowed Scholarship Fund
Established 2010
GJ Kiwanis Club Orville & Francis Boge Football Scholarship
Established 2022
Inez Hulting Petersen Memorial Scholarship
Established 2001
International Student Program Endowed Scholarship
Established 2014
Lou and Mickey Heeres Endowed Scholarship Fund
Established 2011
Mary Rait/Mary Jewell Willsea Endowed Grants Fund
Established 2006
Patricia White Powell Endowed Scholarship
Established 2014
Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado Endowment
Established 2017
Richard E. Tope Memorial Scholarship
Established 1996
Rocky Mountain Open Golf Tournament Endowment
Established 2015
Shear Family Energy Management/Landman Program Endowed Scholarship
Established 2017
Slavens Endowed Fund
Established 1994
Stanley E and Ruth M T Johnson Family Endowed Scholarship
Established 2010
Strobl Fiscus Scholarship Endowment
Established 2011
The Schakel Family Scholarship For Men's Basketball
Established 2015
Tilman and Pat Bishop Endowed Scholarship
Established 1994
Western Colorado Energy Scholar Endowment
Established 2013
William H. Love Engineering Endowment
Established 2018
Endowments over $100,000


Alvin Lee Marts Memorial MSI Scholarship
Anthony Lopez Memorial Scholarship
Bacon Family Foundation Foreign Student Scholarship
Barbara L. Brown Endowed Scholarship
Barry A. Bishop Endowed Scholarship
Bechtel Family Scholarship
Blanche Buescher Business Endowed Scholarship Fund
Cheri Livingston Memorial Scholarship
Chet Enstrom Memorial Scholarship
CMU Alumni Association Scholarship
Continuing Unexpected Connections/MSI Endowment
Cornelison Memorial/CMU Tech General
Cullen R. Brown Endowed Scholarship
Dan Brant Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Dixson Scholar/Mentor Award
Don MacKendrick History Scholarship
Doug Sortor Endowed Football Scholarship
Dr. Ruth Maurer Flute Program Endowment
Dwight and Carolyn Tope Endowed Scholarship
Elliott Family, Carter & Lena Elliott Scholarship
Ernest D. Buescher Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Eva Cheek Memorial Scholarship
Foltz Family Scholarship Endowment
Gary L. Zancanelli Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Greer, Lapham, and Roth UTEC Scholarship
Helen Krey Scholarship
Horan Family Endowed Football Scholarship
Howard E. Scott Maverick Scholarship
Jackie Cochran Borello Scholarship
Jeffrey Alan Basinger Leadership Scholarship
Joseph and Delia Prinster Family Scholarship
Joy and Alfred Shideler Endowed Scholarship Fund
Kevin Wagner Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Knudson Family Endowed Scholarship
Krey Special Purpose Scholarship Fund
Kristopher B. Buescher Memorial Scholarship
Lathrop Scholarship
LeRoy Bacon Memorial Scholarship
Louis and Betty Brach Scholarship
Loyd and Cordelia Files Memorial Scholarship
Lucero Family Endowed Scholarship
MacEvoy Family Endowed Scholarship
Maverick Innovation Center Opportunity Fund
McGinnis Family Scholarship
Merle and Thelma Lanning Scholarship
Moss Fairley Wagler Scholarship
Rex Howell Memorial Fund
Robert and Cynthia Cutter Scholarship
Ruth Powell Hutchins Water Center Endowment
S. Victor Wagler Scholarship
Sally and Jared Martinez Scholarship
Shear Family MSI Endowed Scholarship
Shear, Inc. MSI Endowment
Sodexo Student Leadership and Service Recognition Award
Steven J. Rekemeyer Scholarship
Ted and Maxine Albers Scholarship
Velva Carnes MSI Scholarship
Viola and Linden Moberly Scholarship
Warren Winiarski Viticulture and Enology Institute
Western Colorado Contractors Association (WCCA) Scholarship
William and Mai Robinson Lecture Fund
Endowments over $25,000


Alumni Association Endowment Program
Alvie Reddin Memorial Scholarship
Arbaney Family Endowed Scholarship
B & B Electric Scholarship
Baines/Riede Memorial Scholarship
Barry Michrina Memorial Scholarship
Bauerle Family Endowed Scholarship
Beryl and Dominic Carrica Endowed Scholarship
Biggs-Zollner Faculty Enrichment Grant
Bighorn Consulting Engineers Endowed Scholarship
Blaney-Maluy Family Scholarship
Bob and Jane Quimby Memorial Basketball Scholarship
Bou-Matar Family Endowed Scholarship
Bruce and Frances Crowell Scholarship
Bud Francis Scholarship
Carl and Betty Wahlberg Partners Scholarship
Celeste Colgan Study Abroad Scholarship
Clara Boss Steele Scholarship
CMU Emeriti/Retired Staff Scholarship
Coach Bob Cortese Football Scholarship Fund
Co/Wy Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Endowed Scholarship
Connie McIntire-Altrusa Scholarship Endowment
Copeland Family Endowed Scholarship
Cutter Endowed Aviation Scholarship
Don Meyers Art Scholarship
Donna H. Crouch Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Dorr Burns Computer Science Scholarship
Dr. Henry H. and Margaret Zeigel Fund
Dr. Kit Neacy Scholarship Fund
Dr. Richard Ballard Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Robert "Bob" Beede Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Russ Walker Memorial Environmental Science Endowed Scholarship
Eileen Nagatomo Townsend Memorial Scholarship
Eric "The Hawk" Hawkins Men's Basketball Endowed Scholarship
Erskine-Peyton Family Scholarship
Esther Herr Memorial Scholarship
Ethel Mae Moor Applied Music Fund
FirstBank of Colorado Low Income Scholarship
Freda T. Roof & Yngve Hanson Memorial Scholarship
Gary Thompson Student Athlete Degree Completion Endowed Scholaship
George and Masuo Nagatomo Memorial Scholarship
Geosciences Student Research Fund
Geosciences Tuition Scholarship
Gerlach Music Scholarship
Goffredi Memorial Scholarship
Gormley Memorial Scholarship
Gower, Morford, Oleskevich & Kansgen Foreign Languages Scholarship
Grand Junction New Car & Truck Dealers Association Scholarship
Grand Valley Power MSI Endowed Scholarship
Harriet Slagowski Memorial & Victoria Noell Family Endowment
Hazel and Victor Garms Memorial Scholarship Fund
Heifner-Kennedy Family Energy Scholar Endowment
Hoolokahi Endowment (HPA)
Institute for Supply Management Scholarship
Jack Perrin Football Scholarship
Jack, Wiley, and Calvin Gower History Scholarship
James Family Scholarship
Jennifer DeCasper Endowed Scholarship
JoAnn Brown Endowed Scholarship
Joe Higgins Scholarship
John B. Wolf Scholarship
John E. Groneman Endowed Scholarship Fund
Jose Peer Memorial Scholarship
Josephine Moen Scholarship
Julie Fredlund Science Scholarship Fund
Kelley and Nancy Burford Rodeo Scholarship
Kelley and Nancy Burford Tennis Scholarship
Landen Manning Jones Endowed Scholarship
Liff Miller Nursing Scholarship
Lisa and Tim Foster Scholarship
Locke Academic Scholarship Fund
Lonnie Shults Endowed Women's Basketball Scholarship
Lou Morton & Dale J. Hollingsworth Poli-Sci Scholarship
Madge Huffer Scholarship
Madsen Family MSI Endowment
Maggie G Robb Theatre Scholarship
Mai and William S. Robinson Scholarship
Mai Robinson English Scholarship
Margaret Goodhue-Altrusa Scholarship Endowment
Marion Fletcher Scholarship
Marjorie Sollenbarger Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Mark Garman Scholarship
Mark Zoppel Memorial Scholarship
Martha Jones Memorial
Mary Ann Petersen Higley Endowed Scholarship
Mary Elizabeth (McDonald) Dolan Scholarship
Mattie Smith Wagler Scholarship
MBA Alumni Scholarship Endowment
Mesa County Medical Society Scholarship
Micah Dancy Endowed Music Scholarship
Michelle Benway Huggins Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Milton W. "Red" Crawford Tennis Scholarship
Nathan B Carson Memorial Scholarship
Nora Reed Burleigh Endowed Scholarship
Plumleigh Photojournalism Scholarship
ProSpace Interiors Endowed Scholarship
Prospace Interiors Women's Basketball Scholarship
Randall Capp Family Endowed Scholarship
Rarick Endowed Scholarship
RBC Dain Rauscher Scholarship
Richard D. Dayvault Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Richard F. Gilmore Sr. DDS Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ron Halsey Memorial Scholarship for Disabled Students
Rosalie Jean Bertram Endowed Scholarship
Rudolf and Fannie Susman Scholarship
Rusty Crick Womens Volleyball Scholarship
Ryan Teixeira Endowed Baseball Scholarship
S.N. Wagler Scholarship
Sander Family Endowed Scholarship
Sandra Hays Sells Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Sandy Bacon Memorial Scholarship
Science Associates Scholarship
Stephen Smith Women In Landman/Energy Management Endowed Scholarship
Strnad Family Nursing Scholarship
T.R. Braithwaite Scholarship
Taylor D. Hickman Memorial Scholarship
Terry Wakefield-Kiwanis Endowed Music Scholarship
The Moore Family Scholarship
Tom Mourey Annual Computer Science/Mathematics Award
VFW Post and Auxiliary 3981 Memorial Scholarship
Vince and Maggie Farnsworth Endowed Scholarship
Walter White Endowed Football Scholarship
Warren Winiarski Viticulture and Enology Scholarship
Wells Fargo MSI Endowment
Wenzel-Miller Endowed Theatre Arts Scholarship
Western Colorado NAWIC Scholarship
Whitewater Building MSI Endowed Scholarship
William Eli and Wanda Wray Putnam Scholarship
WSCOGA Chevron Energy Scholar Award
WSCOGA Energy Athlete Scholar Award


To learn how to join this special group 
please contact Rick Adleman at [email protected] or 970-248-1871.